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Deathless Pose

A short story writing group

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Deathless Pose is a moderated private community for writers of short fiction. The stories are based on a weekly prompt and must be completed within a week. You may write in any genre or sub-genre that suits you, but most members of Deathless Pose write speculative fiction out of preference. It is not a required element.

The first round ran from June 19, 2006 to May 9, 2007. The second ran from January 6, 2008 to March 10, 2008. The third ran from August 31, 2009 to November 12th, 2010. The fourth ran from January 3rd, 2010 to April 2, 2010.

Members must be willing to write short fiction and post it here at least twice a month, thrive on deadlines and think you'd benefit from this group. The posts are viewable only by members of the community. You are encouraged to comment on the postings here because everyone loves feedback, but it is not required. This is about your discipline, your deadline and your story. Several members of Deathless Pose have sold stories they first published here. It's a great place to work out the first version of your award-winning short story, flash fic or poem. Ready? Join us!

Moderated by athenais.